Oakview Primary

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Returning to New Boston to serve has been a highlight of my career.  My heart resides in New Boston and has since my graduation from NBHS in 1989.  Oakview Primary's passionate leadership, dedicated faculty, and talented staff make it a dynamic learning environment for our students, and I am blessed to join this group to serve New Boston's youngest Lions as the Assistant Principal at such a fabulous campus.
At the University of Texas at Austin, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Child Psychology and my Bachelor of Science in Applied Learning and Development.  Since my college graduation in 1994, I have worked entirely with early childhood and elementary age students, with the exception of two years teaching English at the middle school and high school levels. All ages have provided me with career growth opportunities and abundant internal rewards. In preparation for a leadership role, I obtained my Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.  My return to New Boston ISD in 2010 brought my career and personal life full circle.
Free time, for me, includes reading fiction novels and educational resources and spending time with my wonderful family, my husband William Wyatt (1987 NBHS graduate), my step-daughter Bailey Wyatt (2013 NBHS graduate), and my sons Jackson Martin (NB Class of 2018) and Samuel Martin (NB Class of 2020). They are my pride and my utmost joy.  
 Rachel Wyatt
Rachel Wyatt M.Ed.
Assistant Principal